1. Copper Sulphate Penta hydrate (Crystal & sugary Crystal)
2. Copper oxy chlorode (50% ODP & 56% WDP)
3. Micro Nutrients: - Soil application and foliar spraying.
4. Ready to use Bordeaux Powder.

Copper is the key to elasticity in the plant. It is an important constituent of many proteins like ascorbic acid oxidase, cytochrome oxidase, diamine oxidase, and polyphenol oxidase. Copper is an important nutrient for many microbes, such as Aspergillis niger. It controls molds and often alleviates perceived zinc deficiencies. Copper interacts with iron and manganese.

Bordeaux mixture is a famous spray used to control fungus in vineyards. Developed in their eponymous provinces of France, Bordeaux mix is copper sulfate, mason's lime (calcium hydroxide), and water.
In agriculture use, applied as Bordeaux Mixture before the fungus spores settle on the leaves, the Copper Sulphate gradually releases small amounts of soluble copper which kills the germinating spores.
As a part of Bordeaux mixture in grape arbors, it functions as a nutrient and not as an insecticide as is often believed. The copper in the mixture is stimulating the plant's immune system.

Uses of Copper Compounds: Copper Sulphate's Role in Agriculture
Copper sulphate has many agricultural uses but the following are the more important ones:
1. Preparation of Bordeaux mixtures & Bordeaux paint/paste on the farm
2. Control of fungal and bacterial diseases
3. Correction of copper deficiency in soils
4. Correction of copper deficiency in animals
5. Stimulation of growth for fattening pigs and broiler chickens
6. As an Algaecide in water reservoirs, drainage canals, pond etc.
7. Raw material in the production of plant protection chemicals
8. As trace element in Animal feeds / health drinks.
9. As a coagulant agent in mining.
10. In leather, plywood, paint, textile & firework industries

If Copper is not translocated in the plant, the deficiency symptoms appear on the new growth. In small grains and corn the leaves appear olive or yellowish green in color, and often the leaves fail to unroll as they emerge. Often the leaf tips will appear as though the plants have been frost-damaged, and there will be some flags. A flag is is a wilted or dead leaf or a branch with such leaves on an otherwise healthy appearing plant.
Copper, vitally important to root metabolism, helps form compounds and proteins, amino acids and a host of organic compounds. It acts as a catalyst or part of the enzyme systems. It helps produce dry matter through stimulation of growth, prevents development of chlorosis, rosetting and dieback.

Our Specifications
Chemical Formula
Copper Sulphate Purity
Copper content
Matter Insoluble
Not Detected (DL : 0.004ppm)
Not Detected DL : 0.01ppm
Dark Blue Crystals
Weight and Packaging
In 5kg/25kg/ 50kg HDPE Woven Sacks / HDPE with Liner and 1kg packs in plastic
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